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Bergamot’s origins are rather unclear. For some people, this peculiar pear-shaped plant is native to the Far East, while according to other currents, it is from the Canary Islands and was discovered on one of Christopher Columbus’s voyages. A legend says that on the nights when the moon is full, bergamot shows us the place where fairies are born.

Origin: Originally from the tropical regions of Asia, today bergamot is mainly produced in Brazil and Italy (Calabria region) but also in Western Africa (Ivory Coast and Guinea).

Plant: bergamot is a fruit which weighs between 80 and 200 grams. It is similar to both an orange and a pear: a pear in its shape and greenish color and an orange in taste.

Production: bergamot essence is extracted from the bark of its fruit.

Olfactory family: citrus

Olfactory note: fresh, powerful, citrus.