• FiiLiT

    Eco-friendly perfumery house !

    The creation of authentic, natural and high-quality perfumes, that are respectful for oneself and the environnement..
    FiiLiT parfum du voyage aspires to share its olfactory vision of travelling and its «philosophy of beauty».
    Join us, we will take you on a trip of colourful olfactive emotions,
    back to nature it is! 💓


    Open your eyes wide, and especially your nose !

    To discover the world we use all our senses! Do you also feel your taste buds quiver and your ears awake when you cross a border? Guess what, you are in the right place!

    Each culture, each meeting, each custom is a collection of raw emotions and a way to get closer to each others nature.

    This is what inspires FiiLiT!


    Who are we ?

    Régis is a traveller at heart, and a really active one! He found FiiLiT thanks to happy encounters and the discovery of inspiring scents all over the world! He likes to use the traditional craftsmanship and to conceive unique perfumes!

    Léa, the sister of Régis, is there to develop a wide network of customers and to make our brand travel around the world.

    Margaux, our new energy, helps the company shine on a daily basis.

    You get it, right? At FiiLiT, we are collectors of travelling experiences. Nothing in the world is more precious than the feeling of freedom during a trip.

    We rethink and reinvent traditional perfumery. As an alternative fragrance brand, we exclude all harmful materials from our formulas to give you only the best. 😊


    We wish to send you on an olfactive journey with a minimal footprint and sustainable values.

    Feel it! FiiLiT! Love iT!


    But, wait a minute, who's doing what ?

    Number one : the perfumers.

    It's the essence of the perfume, The flame of the creation. 🔥
    These adventurous noses (yes it's possible) who dare to incorporate rare and little-known essences.

    Amélie et Anne-Sophie founded Flair Studio in order to remain independent creative perfumers. They wanted to be free to explore unknown olfactive territories, free to use and reuse unheard olfactive materials, free to write authentic olfactive stories.

    We also work since 2018, with Stéphanie Bakouch, founder of the laboratory called Sensaba. She really likes to compose with raw materials to create original harmonies that seduces high-standard clients. She works at Grasse, the famous capital of perfume, always in connections with local French producers.

    aam.jpg SB2.jpg 001b.jpg

    Secondly : the sourceurs, well, we do it right !

    Stéphane Piquart, aka The Perfume Globetrotter, fondator of BeHave, travels the world hunting for unique raw materials, that respect the environment. After considerable bibliographical research on ancestral traditions by local populations, Stéphane Piquart sources producers of exceptional and eco-friendly natural materials, such as piri piri from Peru, blue ginger, ylang ylang from Madagascar and sandalwood from Australia.

    To ensure the continuity of his actions, Stéphane initiates partnerships with local NGOs such as Coeur de Forêt, Man & Nature, IRDNC, Homme et Environnement... These cooperatives that share the same ethical sensitivity as Stéphane, assist in return in the construction of sustainable partnerships with local producers.

    Three essential rules :

    • Respect the environment
    • Preserve the knowledge and skills of the local populations and pay them fairly
    • Reconcile the perfume industry with its origins

    And on top of that he's also a really nice guy!

    In love with nature

    The composition 🧐

    87 à 100% of natural raw materials.

    FiiLiT uses a fraction of raw materials that comes from green synthesis to create singular and authentic perfumes.

    Clean formulation

    Without phtalates, parabens.

    Without endocrine disruptors.

    Not tested on animals.

    Organic alcohol

    Yeah Honey!

    The alcohol is from French organic wheat.

    Cheers to that !

    The mentions et others trophies 😎

    The 'Slow Cosmétique' Mention values ethical and responsible cosmetics and clean formula products.

    'COSMOS' Certification


    Made in France


    From the beginning to the end of the production, we use paper from sustainable forest.

    Suppliers are certified and they respect environment effective norms. We aim to be zero waste.

    Ingenious bottle

    All our formats are rechargeable !

    The 50mL and the 11mL (the small size to make your perfumes travel)!

    Less is more !

    Our missions

    Combine the present and the future (we are ambitious)

    All our fragances were created by thinking of the future generations as well as of our present environment.

    Open for everyone

    Highlighting the French excellence perfumery by democratizing it and making it easily affordable to a wide public.

    Handmade luxury

    Our raw materials have high quality. And they even come with a sustainable packaging. We call it handmade luxury.

    Participate to the reforestation

    We support 'Cœur de forêt', the Association of reforestation and social development. They work in collaboration with perfume plants producers.

    Social action

    We work with an 'ESAT', an etablishment and a help service that promotes personal and social fulfillment of disabled workers.


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    Email us or call us at 
    +33 1 60 13 90 45.

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    Discover our perfumes 5/5 " Wonderful scents
    Distinctive and pleasant perfumes. Ice is outstanding." 4-nouveaux-Echantillons-2021.jpg Theresa W. 5/5 "A centering, beautiful perfume.
    I ordered a 15 ml travel perfume and it arrived quickly and well-packed. The scent is a gentle, relaxing fruity/floral with notes of yuzu and mate tea mingling with the divine cherry blossom. This is something I would wear on almost any occasion and I can't see anyone not enjoying it. The fact it is vegan and 95% natural is a plus for me." EAU-DE-PARFUM-11ML-KADO-JAPON-FiiLiT-PARFUM-DU-VOYAGE-NATUREL%20(1).jpg Kate S. 4/5 " Nice!
    I love that you can choose what will be in the set and the price! But I really wish that the mini bottles are refillable. It will also be more eco-friendly. " Coffret-collector-bois-du-voyage-FiiLiT-Parfum-du-voyage.jpg Inna P.

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  • Fragrances

    Below you can find all our perfumes. FiiLiT perfumes are compilations of precise memories of sensory journeys in the world. Mixed fragrances that integrate beautiful natural raw materials from fair trade sectors.

    All our perfumes are unisex with clean formulas without phthalates and parabens, with natural organic alcohol and not tested on animals.

    We make you travel through scents that symbolize different cultures and traditions around the world. Enjoy the trip!

  • Gift Box

    Customize your ideal box!

    An original way to travel and discover different regions of the world through perfumes.

    Customize several types of travel cases:

    - The travel set of 3 eau de parfum 11 ml with a refillable wooden case.

    - The collector's box with 3 different fragrances 3 eau de parfum 11 ml each with its own wooden case.

    - The travel luxe box with a 50 ml and a wooden case.

    - The discovery box with 5 eaux de parfum of 11mL to personalize.



  • Refills

    Your favorite scents are refillable.

    These refills with a capacity of 200mL with integrated funnel and 100mL (funnel not integrated) allow you to fill your FiiLiT bottles.

    The 200mL Refill: unscrew the pump from your bottle to be refilled, screw the RT Twist cap of the refill directly onto the neck of the bottle to be refilled. The fragrance flows on its own and stops when the container is filled. Be careful not to unscrew the funnel from the refill bottle during the procedure.

    The 100mL Refill: Unscrew the spray and use the funnel to fill the bottle.

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    Take advantage of a selection of items on sale from June 22 to July 19

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