Lavenders are flowering plants very appreciated by bees. They grow in mountain areas and are particularly present in Provence (namely in Alpes de Haute-Provence and Vaucluse).

The flower harvest occurs in July/August because the strong summer heat stimulates an increase in fragrance from the stalk towards the flower.

The lavender used in our Camina perfume is Lavandula Angustifolia Matherone, which is rich in linalool and linalyl acetate, molecules which can evoke a sort of clean smell, which brings us back to the etymology of the word. Lavender arises from the word lavare, which means to wash in Latin, since women did their laundry by perfuming it with lavender since the Antiquity. At the time, good smells were contradictory to illness.

The legend told that the fairy Lavandula began crying when she lived in the arid fields of Provence. Large tears the color of her eyes dripped onto the canvas she had primed to paint on. By wiping her tears, a multitude of droplets scattered on the canvas. To hide all of the stains, she painted the sky of Provence in blue. From this day forward, Provence is scattered with sunny lavender fields.


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