According to Greek mythology, myrrh is named after Myrrha, a daughter of Cinyras, king of Cyprus. Myrrha was transformed into a tree by the gods for having had an incestuous relationship and her tears were transformed into myrrh before she gave birth to Adonis.

Origin: essence of myrrh has been considered sacred for centuries, mainly in ancient Egypt and in Biblical times when the Three Kings gave it as an offering to baby Jesus. Its essence is also used in pharmacopoeia as an elixir. Its symbol is both mystic and historical, but it is also a beneficial plant.

Plant: the tree is around 6 meters high. It grows mainly in Ethiopia, Somalia and Saudi Arabia. The resin is harvested in the form of drops which allows the essence to be produced.

Production: myrrh essence is extracted from the bark of its tree and yields a thick, milky liquid. The essence is distilled in a tank filled with boiling water.

Olfactory family: woody.

Olfactory notes: hot, balsamic (bottom note).


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