IRIDA - CYCLADES Refill 50 mL Eau de parfum

This refill with a capacity of 50 ml allows you to fill easily your travel case FiiLiT.

To refill your case, remove the bottle from your travel spray FiiLiT by lifting in the top. Unscrew the spray and use the funnel to fill the bottle.

Format Refill EDP 50 mL IRIDA - CYCLADES
  • Expedition in 1 working day


Fresh, transparent, aromatic woody amber

Bergamot, Petit-Grain
Rose, Mastiha
Papyrus, Myrrh, Patchouli

Most :

A unisex, natural eau de parfum formulated to respect your body and the environment.

INCI: Alcohol denat, aqua(water), parfum(fragrance), linalool, limonene, alpha-isomethyl ionone, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, citral, benzyl alcohol, citronellol

Item Format: Liquid
Volume of the article (*): 50 Milliliters / 11 Milliliters / 100 Milliliters
Bottle (*): 50 ml Limited Edition / 11ml With Wooden Travel Case / 11ml Bare / 50 ml Limited Edition / 100 ml
Country of manufacture: France
Good hold on the skin: Yes
Clean formulation: Yes
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Ingredients not used: Phthalate, Paraben, Endocrine disruptor
Age Range: Adult
Gender: Unisex (For Men and Women)
Packaging: Reusable or recyclable glass bottle, non-recyclable spray/spray pump, wooden cap, compostable packaging with biodegradable ink too

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Important note

Please note that we are a niche perfumery that attaches great importance to the quality and originality of our creations. We believe fragrances are personal and unique expressions that can evoke intense and captivating emotions. However, this singularity can also mean that our fragrances are not suitable for all tastes. We therefore recommend that you test our products before buying them, in order to discover the fragrances that best suit your personality and your unique olfactory preferences. To get samples, just click here.

Buyer Protection

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. For this reason, we offer a no-hassle return policy that allows you to return any unused item free of charge and in its original condition and packaging, tags included, within 14 days of the delivery date. Learn more


At FiiLiT, our pride constitutes in creating "clean" fragrances that respect not only your body, but also the environment. We are meticulous in the selection of high quality natural ingredients for their remarkable aromatic properties. We conscientiously avoid the use of toxic substances such as phtalates, parabens and synthetic dyes. In addition, we opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients, while working closely with our partners to ensure that ingredients are ethically harvested.

Our perfumes are made from essential oils and natural plant extracts, which provide olfactory notes that are fresh, rich and subtle. We also use premium synthetic molecules at 5% to enhance and complement the natural aromatic notes of our fragrances, while remaining true to our commitment to health and sustainability.

We are aware of the impact that fragrances can have on our environment and our health. That's why, at FiiLiT, we work diligently to ensure that our fragrances are safe for you and the planet. The creation of "clean" perfumes is a responsibility that requires rigor and commitment, and we are proud to create perfumes that meet these criteria.

The notes of each FiiLiT perfume react differently on each skin type, creating subtle or sometimes obvious variations, which reflect your individuality. When you wear one of our fragrances, you live a personalized and inimitable olfactory experience. You will never find two people wearing our perfume smelling the same, because FiiLiT makes each person exceptional and inimitable.

If you wish to refill the bottle with a larger capacity refill, such as 50ml or 100ml refills, follow these steps:

     Gently unscrew the spray bottle from your bottle to be refilled to release the neck. The vaporizer represents the upper part of the bottle which allows the perfume to be vaporized.

     Gently insert a refill funnel into the neck of your bottle. You can get this accessory on our website

     For the refill perfume inside the bottle using the funnel. Make sure you don't exceed the maximum capacity of your bottle.

     Once your bottle is filled to the desired height, carefully remove the funnel and replace the sprayer on the neck, screwing it gently until it is firmly fixed.

By following these simple instructions, you can fill your perfume bottle with ease.

Finally, you also have the 200mL refills which have a funnel integrated into the bottle

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