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By Inna P. (Reno , United-States) on 20 May 2021 :
Product rated : Coffret Collector


I love that you can choose what will be in the set and the price! But I really wish that the mini bottles are refillable. It will also be more eco-friendly.

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By Matts S. (Walding, Autriche) on 16 Feb. 2021 :
Product rated : Bespoke your perfume collection gift box

Truly a Company that cares about it's products

I ordered the bespoke collection for a friend who is a woodworker. The scents i ordered for him were Tumbao, Mušhuššu and Irida, which all have a unique fragrance and i can recommend all three for men. But as everyone has their own preferences of perfume, i much rather want to go into the care and attention to detail that was put into the packaging, from design to execution.
I ordered this product as a gift with a note for my friend, expecting some ordinary wrapping and a printed text. What my friend got was a hand written note (!) and the packaging was a very beautiful brown paper box with the sharply printed logo and a straw-like band wrapped and tied around. This seems very in line with the company's effort to be environment-friendly and in my case perfectly fits the general vibe of the gift. The most important part for many is probably the wooden case, to which i can say it looks just as good as in the pictures. As i said, my friend whom i got this for is a woodworker, and he was also amazed at the quality of the product: The lid is fixed with magnets that are the right strengt, the stain is even and rich, the surface finish is smooth and the laser engraving is sharp.
I really am a sucker for great packaging and design, it shows that a company is more than a manufacturer, the people behind it really care about the product and time and thought is dedicated to the best possible experience for their customers. This is not the norm these days, and i apploud FiiLiT for their work.
And if you think this review is a bit over the top or fake, I can't tell you anything other than that i am just a fan of great packaging and also in these times of struggle, you kinda have to be happy about the little things and share some of that happiness:D

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By Kate S. on 08 Feb. 2021 :
Product rated : Eau de Parfum KADO - JAPON 11mL Nude

A centering, beautiful perfume.

I ordered a 15 ml travel perfume and it arrived quickly
and well-packed.

The scent is a gentle, relaxing fruity/floral with notes of yuzu and mate
tea mingling with the divine cherry blossom. This is something I would
wear on almost any occasion and I can't see anyone not enjoying it.

The fact it is vegan and 95% natural is a plus for me.

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By Laurens S. (Grafenau, Germany) on 20 Sept. 2020 :
Product rated : Perfume Samples Set

Great Brand

Should be common practice to offer samples to the consumer before buying full size bottles. It's truely great to see a brand offering samples at a decent price so you don't have to guess how it will smell . Wether you like the fragrances or not is in the end a matter of personal taste, but there really is nothing to lose when buying this package. You either like some of them or you get at least some scents that have a unique vibe to them. For ten bucks I can only encourage you to take that "risk".

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By Egle J. (Vilnius, Lituanie) on 02 July 2019 :
Product rated : Perfume Samples Set


Nice perfume!

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