Sandalwood was originally used in religious rituals. Many Chinese and Hindu temples were built from this wood. The Egyptians used it in medicine and for embalming, and Buddhists use it as incense when meditating.

Origin: sandalwood is native to Asia and more exactly India and Indonesia. It is also cultivated today in Australia and New Caledonia. Its current overexploitation has made it an endangered species.

The tree: the sandalwood tree is about ten meters high and has both green flowers and small, straw-colored flowers.

Production: the tree is cut when it is 20 to 25 years old and produces approximately 1.5 kg of essential oil. Sandalwood essence is obtained by steam distillation. The wood is reduced to shavings.

Olfactory family: woody.

Olfactory notes: wooded, creamy, suave, warm, sensual.


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