FiiLiT, another approach to creating perfume.

As an ethical and authentic brand, FiiLiT believes that a fragrance tells the story of a journey.To do this, its inspiration, production and packaging must respect and share global realities.

True to the moments and places visited, inspiration lets us discover the treasures of our planet.

Each fragrance is a travel log portraying a country. It thus reminds us of our memories, sharing an emotion, a discovery. The creation of our perfumes is entrusted to Flair, a pair of adventurous “noses” who dare to incorporate rare and little known essences.

Our production contributes to the countries’ economic development and the conservation of traditional crafts.

At FiiLiT, the choice of certain raw materials is respectful of the local populations and their environments. This is ensured thanks to Stéphane Piquart and Behave, a very special olfactory ingredients supplier and Coeur de foret*. We use paper and colours in accordance with ethic for all our packaging, wich ensure sustainable forest management.

The packaging is also environmentally friendly due to a limited use of materials.

Our company name, FiiLiT, not only invites you to “feel”… It also reveals another facet of our product: a clever, rechargeable vaporizer (“FiLL iT”) with clean and natural lines. Its mini size invites you to travel, just so you can take these travel-size perfumes along. This packaging also helps preserve the natural wealth of our planet: less material, but more wisely chosen and more intelligently used.

This eco-designed vaporizer can be refilled with FiiLiT perfume.

The FiiLiT brand was born from this vision. This ethical and authentic brand of perfume brings together senses and conscience within a range of fragrance.

* We work with certified suppliers who respect the environnement. For our conditioning we chose to work with an ESAT (work integration social enterprise).

Cœur de foret is an NGO specialized about reforestation and development which works with perfume plants producers. We support this association in Madagascar to protect Antsirabé forest against the deforestation and make autonomous the local producers. Do not hesitate to follow the project on adagascar-masoala-3

* FiiLiT is promoted the mention slow cosmetic in 2016.
 With the Slow Cosmetics Mention, consumers know that a brand offers products with clean formulas and reasonable marketing.

- Without endocrine disruptors

- Without phtalates and parabens

- Without silicones, polymers, and petrochemical materials

- Without synthetic dyes

- Not tested on animals

* FiiLiT have the PETA certification which assures that we not tested on animals.


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