The olfactory road of perfume collector


The discovery of somewhere else by Regis

Regis' tastebuds quiver and his attention awakes as he crosses a border. He discovers the world using all his senses. Cooking is the key for him to understand a different culture. The flavours reveal something essential. Just like music... Be they wind or string, instruments echo a country's inner vitality. Little by little, he comes to understand and to love this life from elswhere.

For him, learning new languages opens new horizons. Different languages, once shared, make for genuine encounters. To speak each other's language is like crossing the border once again, getting closer to an inner truth. He also likes to become familiar with the founding myths, dive into local customs, find the gaps between one civilisation and the next.

What brings the two together is the desire to travel using their sense of smell. To discover a country's wealth through scent. As collectors of sensations, they chose the sense of smell to reveal the freedom that travel inspires in them.


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