Committed perfume house!
The creation of authentic, natural and high quality perfumes, respectful of oneself and one's environment.
FiiLiT perfume du voyage likes to convey its olfactory vision of travel and its “Philosophy of beauty”.
Come on, we'll take you to colorful olfactory emotions, driven by a return to nature. Boom boom 💓
Olfactory destinations
Perfume destinations
Open your eyes wider, and especially your nostrils!
Discover the world through all the senses! If you too have taste buds that quiver and ears that wake up as soon as you cross a border.
You feel ? Every culture, every encounter, every custom is a collection of raw emotions.
This is what drives us at FiiLiT
Who are we?
Régis is a traveler at heart. He’s fidgety, that’s how it is! He created FiiLiT following his happy encounters and his discoveries of inspiring scents around the world. He wants to promote traditional craftsmanship and design unique eau de parfums!

Léa, the sister, is there to develop the network and take the brand around the world.
Sarah Laure does a really good job with the designs.
You have understood, at FiiLiT we are collectors of multiple experiences, olfaction translates the feeling of freedom that travel inspires.

Let us be free to create authentic, natural and high quality perfumes, respectful of ourselves and our environment. Depending on studies, FiiLiT excludes all harmful materials to give the best.

We want to create an olfactory aura, a message, a personality, a pleasure, an imprint and ethical and responsible values. Just that 😊

Feel it! Feel it! FiiLiT! Love it!
But wait a minute, who does what?
Number one: The perfumers
It is the very essence of perfume, it is the fire of creation. 🔥
They are adventurous noses (yes yes it is possible) who dare to integrate rare and little-known materials.

Amélie and Anne-Sophie created Flair to remain free creative perfumers. Free to explore unknown olfactory territories, free to use and abuse unexpected olfactory materials, free to write authentic olfactory stories.

We have also been working since 2018 with Stéphanie Bakouche, founder of the Sensaba laboratory. She particularly enjoys working with natural raw materials to create original pairings that appeal to a demanding clientele and works in Grasse, the world capital of perfume, in conjunction with local French producers.
In two: the sourcers
Stéphane Piquart, Aka Le Globe Trotteur des perfumeurs, founder of BeHave and Le Sourceur, seeks producers of exceptional natural materials, respectful of the environment. He is a hunter of exceptional materials such as piri-piri from Peru, blue ginger and ylang ylang from Madagascar.

To make his action sustainable, Stéphane initiates partnerships with local NGOs such as Cœur de Forêt, Man&Nature, IRDNC, Man and the Environment, etc.

Three fundamental rules:

- Respect the environment
- Preserving the know-how of local people and remunerating them fairly
- Reconciling perfumery with its origins

And what's more, he's super nice!
Natural lover
The composition 87 to 100% ingredients of natural origin.
FiiLiT uses a small fraction of raw materials that come from green synthesis for authentic and unique perfumes

Committed to an ecological and ethical approach, for sustainable and responsible beauty
Clean Formulation, Vegan, Made in France

From start to finish of production, we use paper from sustainably managed forests.
Certified suppliers who respect environmental standards. We aim for zero waste.

They are all rechargeable! The 50mL, the 11mL Mini format to make your perfumes travel! Long live the least! To have better 😉
Our missions
Combining present and future (we are ambitious)
All our perfumes have been created with future generations in mind while also adapting to our present environment.

Accessible to everyone
Promote French Haute Parfumerie by democratizing it and making it accessible to as many people as possible.

Artisanal luxury
Our perfume formula costs are truly luxurious with reasonable packaging. This is artisanal luxury.

Participate in reforestation
We support Cœur de forêt, a reforestation and development association which works in collaboration with perfume plant producers.

Social Action
We work with an ESAT (work assistance establishment and service) which promotes the personal and social development of workers with disabilities.

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En tant que marque de beauté, nous offrons une gamme de parfums créatif, originaux et naturels. Notre partenariat offre aux créateurs l'opportunité de promouvoir des produits qui respectent l'environnement et la santé tout en étant de grande qualité. Tous nos produits sont fabriqués avec soin et responsabilité.

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