Collection: Refills

Your favorite scents are refillable.

To fill the 11mL or 50mL travel bottle with a 200mL refill, follow these steps:

1. Unscrew the 50mL or 11mL refillable bottle’s pump. It has to rotate counterclockwise (to the left direction).

2. Screw the refill’s RT Twist nozzle on the bottle you want to refill and rotate clockwise.

3. Once it’s well screwed, the liquid is filling by itself on the bottle with the air suction. If it doesn’t fill, lightly shake the refill to help the liquid go down. Wait until your bottle is completely full. When there is no bubble inside the 200mL refill, it’s done.

4. Unscrew the refill by holding the RT Twist nozzle.

5. Screw the pump on your bottle. You’re ready to wear your perfume!

Attention point: When you manipulate the 200mL refill, be careful to not unscrew the nozzle on the refill. Keep your refill bottle out of direct light and heat, to maintain the high-quality of your perfume.