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The FiiLiT philosophy

At FiiLiT Parfum du Voyage, we are convinced that perfume is much more than just a pleasant fragrance or a simple beauty accessory. We are driven by the deep conviction that perfume is an expression of the soul, a unique olfactory signature that reflects the wearer's personality and tells their story.

Thus, we create our perfumes with great passion and artisanal know-how to guarantee exceptional quality. We are aware of the importance of the ingredients we use in our creations and we carefully choose the highest quality raw materials.

We also believe that creating perfumes is an art. Consequently, we make it a point of honor to work with meticulousness and attention to detail. Each of our fragrances is carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and tell a unique story. We want our perfumes to offer a deep and memorable sensory experience, which transports the wearer to distant and unforgettable horizons.

In addition, we produce our perfumes in limited quantities, in order to guarantee their exclusivity and artisanal quality. We want each person who wears one of our perfumes to feel unique and special, as if they have created their own signature scent.

Discovery sample set

Discover the fragrance that best resonates with your soul among our 14 niche perfumes, and make it your olfactory signature!

To talk about a perfume is to touch on an olfactory symphony. To fully immerse yourself in this sensory experience, there is nothing like smelling the perfume on your own skin. This is what will vibrate the sensitive chords of your inner being.

So, before making your choice, it is imperative to take the time to smell each of our fragrances. The sense of smell is intimately linked to our inner being, to our memories, our emotions and our personal preferences. It can remind us of a place, a person, a specific moment in our life or even arouse strong emotions, ranging from joy to nostalgia. You must therefore smell our perfumes to ensure you make the right choice. A €20 discount voucher with the sample set will be included for your next order.

To do this, you can use our discovery sample set. We designed it to help you experiment with all our different fragrances, discover their notes and accords, and find the one that best suits your personality.

Find your signature scent


How does FiiLiT create “clean” perfumes that respect the environment and your body?

At FiiLiT, our pride lies in creating "clean" perfumes that respect not only your body, but also the environment. We are careful in the selection of high quality natural ingredients for their remarkable aromatic properties. We conscientiously avoid the use of toxic substances such as phthalates, parabens and synthetic dyes. Additionally, we opt for sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, whilst working closely with our partners to ensure ingredients are ethically harvested.

Our perfumes are made from essential oils and natural plant extracts, which give olfactory notes that are fresh, rich and subtle. We also use high-end synthetic molecules up to 5% to enhance and complement the natural aromatic notes of our fragrances, while remaining true to our commitment to health and sustainability.

We are aware of the impact that perfumes can have on our environment and our health. That's why at FiiLiT we work diligently to ensure our fragrances are safe for you and the planet. Creating clean perfumes is a responsibility that requires rigor and commitment, and we are proud to create perfumes that meet these criteria.

Does the scent change on my skin?

The notes in each FiiLiT fragrance react differently on each skin type, creating subtle or sometimes obvious variations that reflect your individuality. When you wear one of our perfumes, you experience a personalized and inimitable olfactory experience. You will never find two people wearing our perfume who smell the same, because FiiLiT makes each person exceptional and inimitable.

How to refill the perfume bottle easily?

If you want to fill the 11mL or 50mL travel bottle with a 200mL refill that you find here, follow these steps:

1. Unscrew the pump from the 50mL or 11mL refillable bottle, counterclockwise (towards the left).

2. Screw the “funnel” tip of the refill onto the bottle to be refilled clockwise.

3. Once screwed tightly, the bottle fills itself thanks to the air intake. If it doesn't fill immediately, shake the refill lightly to help the scent go down. Wait until the bottle is full. When there are no more bubbles in the refill, filling is complete.

4. Unscrew the refill from the tip, holding it firmly.

5. Screw the pump back onto your bottle. All you have to do is perfume yourself.

Point of attention: When handling the refill, be careful not to unscrew the “funnel” tip of its 200mL bottle.
Store your refill away from light and heat, in order to maintain the quality of your perfume.