Faire plaisir à ses proches avec un coffret parfum, voici quelques idées

Please your loved ones with a perfume box, here are some ideas

Choosing a perfume box as a gift is not easy. But to be sure to please your loved ones, opt for the FiiLiT travel perfume boxes.

Which perfume box to offer for a successful gift?

As the end-of-year holidays approach, for a birthday, or simply to treat yourself, are you looking for the ideal perfume box? Indeed, offering a bottle of perfume, whether for a man or a woman, is always a good idea. And by opting for a perfume box, you will certainly please the person who receives it because they will have the opportunity to choose from different fragrances. To help you make this choice, here are sets of FiiLiT travel perfume that you can give as a gift. FiiLiT perfume du voyage sets FiiLiT perfume du voyage is a committed perfume house that creates high quality natural fragrances. You will find environmentally friendly perfumes that take you on a unique olfactory journey. Each perfume constituting the box takes you to discover a culture and customs through your sense of smell. Each fragrance is carefully designed from exceptional natural materials extracted with total respect for the environment. With FiiLiT's authentic perfumes, you also contribute to preserving the know-how of local people while remunerating them fairly. The perfumes designed and offered by the Maison de parfum have more than 87% ingredients of natural origin, they are not tested on animals, the alcohol used is organic and the bottles are refillable. A whole variety of scents are offered so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Travel box to travel around the world in scent

For a fan of natural perfume, FiiLiT perfumes are the ideal gift! Moreover, for adventurers and travel fans, the brand has designed the perfect set of eau de parfum. Thanks to the travel box, you or your loved one will take a world tour of scents in 3 bottles. This box actually contains 3 11 mL bottles of 3 different scents. It is fully customizable according to your preferences or those of your loved ones in terms of fragrance. One of the bottles is placed in its wooden case, and all the bottles are refillable. To compose it, you will have the choice between ten unisex perfumes which will take you to Cuba, Bali, Madagascar or even Australia or India. Delicate and captivating, the scents in this set can easily be taken on the go, making this travel set an ideal gift for people who are regularly on the move. Discovery box, ideal for choosing among unique fragrances. Do you want to change your perfume or introduce new scents to your loved ones? The FiiLiT travel perfume discovery box is the ideal choice for this. Thanks to this, you will be entitled to a box of unisex and fully customizable natural eau de parfum. This box is made up of 5 mixed eau de parfum with a formulation that respects the environment, but also your body. For this purpose, you can create a box containing 5 refills of 11 mL and each fragrance will take you to a different olfactory destination such as Bali, Japan, the Amazon, Cuba, Babylon, Polynesia or even Provence and Madagascar. If you want to be transported to the islands, you can opt for example for TEHANI - Polynesia. With WAKA - Madagascar, you will instantly find yourself in the tropical forests of the Island with Ravintsara and Blue Ginger as top notes; and Geranium and Palmasora as heart notes. This perfume will end up captivating you with its base notes of Vanilla and Benzoin.

Collector's box, the perfect gift for lovers of original scents

At FiiLiT, collectors of unique and rare perfumes also have something to please them thanks to the collector's box. With this box, you will have the opportunity to discover or introduce the unisex FiiLiT eau de Parfum of your choice. It can be personalized with 3 eau de parfum of 11 mL. Each eau de parfum in this set is contained in their wooden travel case, making them easier to transport when traveling. You will have to choose from light, fresh or woody fragrances with unique accords. FiiLiT allows you to adopt high quality, natural and ecological products. You can compose your collector's box with perfumes that will take you to Japan, Cuba, Bali, Yucatán, Australia or even Reunion Island, Polynesia and the Amazon. KADO-Japon eau de parfum, for example, with the lemony fragrance of yuzu, the floral lightness of cherry tree, the sweetness of the scent of orange, the delicacy of jasmine, instantly transports you to Japanese gardens in Sakura season, when cherry blossoms bloom. The choices of perfumes to which you have access to compose the collector's box are all mainly of natural origin. Their components have been carefully selected, not only for their fragrance, but also their virtues and benefits. For example, there is yuzu essential oil which is renowned for its relaxing properties. Luxury travel box to feel elegance and refinement everywhere This scented box is perfect for those who love luxury and refinement. It is completely customizable, which gives you the possibility of choosing the fragrances that will compose it. The luxury travel box from FiiLiT consists of your favorite eau de parfum in a refillable 50 mL bottle and another eau de parfum in an 11 mL wooden travel case. Here again, you will have the choice among the divine and captivating scents that make up the FiiLiT collection. You can even refill your travel case with the unscrewable 50mL bottle, so you can take your perfume with you everywhere. You will have understood, by offering a box of FiiLiT perfumes as a gift, you will certainly please those around you. The fact that it is customizable allows you to put the favorite scents of your loved ones or yours, and to choose the best perfume adapted to each personality. Moreover, in addition to being a perfect gift, the FiiLiT natural eau de parfum set has the merit of being respectful of the environment, your body and local producers.

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