Two different refills format to renew your favorite perfume:

11mL formats easy to change :

To replace my 11 ml refill in its wooden box with a new one, just remove the empty bottle and replace it with the new refill. Remove the bottle while turning the spray to the left to prevent it from unscrewing (counterclockwise). Do not forget to replace the protective rubber ring by pushing it slightly into its wooden housing. The hood should fit perfectly.

50mL and 100mL formats with their funnel:
The 50mL or 100mL with its small funnel allows to refill the 11mL bottle after having unscrewed the vaporizer. This format is the most eco-responsible. Be careful dear customers, the format 50 ml have no spray. If you want a format for your bathroom we invite you to choose the format 50mL or 100mL with the spray.

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