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FiiLiT Parfum du Voyage

SURYA - BALI Eau de Parfum

SURYA - BALI Eau de Parfum

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In Balinese, Surya means sun.

Frangipani, the solar flower of tropical mornings, combines here with the long flowers of Ylang Ylang and the elegance of tuberose.

The intoxicating notes of vanilla and the honeyed balsams of elemi bring all the voluptuousness to this radiant perfume.

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Clean perfume

Solar and exotic

Exoticism is immediately present with this Eau de parfum, a reflection of this magical and captivating island, Bali, "the island of the Gods". The flowers release their very sweet and creamy scent like an enveloping ointment. Jasmine and 'Ylang Ylang distills sweet notes of vanilla and balms with sensations of absolute well-being, full of solar and intoxicating delicacies.

Oriental floral




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Ingredients INCI

Alcohol Denat**, Aqua(Water), Parfum(Fragrance), Alpha-hexyl Cinnamaldehyde (Jasmine molecule), Linalool*, Limonene*, Coumarin*.

*Ingredients of natural origin
**Ingredients 75% from Organic Farming

Here, linalool is naturally present in bergamot and elemi essential oils.
Here, limonene is present in the essential oils of bergamot, elemi, lime, black pepper and in resinoid incense.
Here, coumarin is present in absolute liatrix.

For information, there may be traces:

Linalool is present in the essential oils of bergamot, neroli, ylang and in orange blossom absolute.
Limonene is present in essential oils of bergamot, fennel and CO2 pink pepper extract.
Benzyl benzoate is present in ylang essential oil and tuberose absolute.
Benzyl salicylate is present in ylang essential oil.
Farnesol is present in ylang essential oil and orange blossom absolute and tuberose.
Geraniol is present in ylang and neroli essential oils.
Eugenol is present in ylang essential oil.
Isoeugenol is present in ylang and guaiac essential oils.
Citral is present in bergamot essential oil.

SURYA - BALI: Eau de parfum for men and women

SURYA - BALI eau de parfum is an exceptional olfactory creation that invites you to a unique sensory journey in the heart of the paradise island of Bali. This intoxicating fragrance is an ode to sunshine and exoticism, harmoniously combining oriental floral notes to provide a unique and exceptional olfactory experience.

In top notes, bergamot, elemi and pink peppers intertwine to create a stimulating and refreshing olfactory experience that evokes the first rays of morning sun on the beaches of Bali. Bergamot, a fruit from Italy, brings a lemony freshness while elemi, an aromatic resin from a tropical tree, adds a woody and spicy touch. Pink berries, for their part, deliver a spicy and tangy note, offering a bold and energizing olfactory opening.

In heart notes, frangipani, ylang-ylang and jasmine display their delicacy and charm, transporting the mind to a lush tropical garden, filled with exotic and captivating flowers. Frangipani, symbol of Bali, gives off a sweet and intoxicating scent while ylang-ylang, native to the Philippines, adds a floral and fruity touch. Jasmine, for its part, reinforces the floral and suave dimension of this composition.

In base notes, the combination of incense, benzoin, patchouli and sandalwood adds a mystical and sensual dimension reminiscent of the island's Hindu temples. Frankincense, an aromatic resin renowned for its spiritual properties, adds a balsamic and woody touch while benzoin, an exotic resin from a tropical tree, delivers a vanilla and sweet note. Patchouli, originally from Indonesia, adds an earthy and woody touch while sandalwood, known for its warm and sensual scent, reinforces the mystical dimension of this composition.

Wearing SURYA - BALI Eau de Parfum, you will be transported to the white sandy beaches of Bali, bathed in the warmth of the sun's rays and the sea breeze of the Indian Ocean. This exceptional fragrance is the very essence of Bali, the vibrant heart of this paradise island, a subtle blend of exoticism and serenity. Live a unique and unforgettable olfactory experience with SURYA - BALI.

Perfumer's secret

"This fragrance is a dream destination, a honeymoon or cultural trip... It's rising, barefoot, in a nature flamboyant with exotic flowers, under the sun, near, very close to a turquoise ocean... Bali. "

Amélie Bourgeois

A captivating olfactory journey to the heart of the paradise island of Bali!

A fragrance of choice for adventurers who aspire to experience unforgettable moments while leaving their mark on the world. With its refined composition, it awakens the senses and awakens the passion for discovery.

SURYA - BALI eau de parfum is a captivating olfactory journey, where each note envelops you in a heavenly atmosphere and leaves you dreaming of the idyllic landscapes of Indonesia. Inspired by the bright Bali sun, SURYA - BALI is a symphony of scents that will remind you of fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and tropical gardens. Let yourself be transported into this captivating universe and discover a unique fragrance that embodies the magic of Bali.

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Très agréable parfum

Parfum porté depuis quelques années. Doux, léger, agréable.

Priscilla d.
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)

J'adore ! j'en mettrais tt le tps !
La seule chose est qu'il pourrait sentir plus longtemps.
Je n'en au plus et ça me manque !!!

Dominique P.

Parfum atypique

L. V.
Un délice

Je commande cette eau de parfum depuis plusieurs années et je ne m'en lasse jamais. Odeur très naturelle et agréable et composition clean, Fiilit est au top !

S. R.

I am very pleased with my order. The perfume reminds me of the time I spent in Lyon. I look forward to my next order.


How does FiiLiT create “clean” perfumes that respect the environment and your body?

At FiiLiT, our pride lies in creating "clean" perfumes that respect not only your body, but also the environment. We are careful in the selection of high quality natural ingredients for their remarkable aromatic properties. We conscientiously avoid the use of toxic substances such as phthalates, parabens and synthetic dyes. Additionally, we opt for sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, whilst working closely with our partners to ensure ingredients are ethically harvested.

Our perfumes are made from essential oils and natural plant extracts, which give olfactory notes that are fresh, rich and subtle. We also use high-end synthetic molecules up to 5% to enhance and complement the natural aromatic notes of our fragrances, while remaining true to our commitment to health and sustainability.

We are aware of the impact that perfumes can have on our environment and our health. That's why at FiiLiT we work diligently to ensure our fragrances are safe for you and the planet. Creating clean perfumes is a responsibility that requires rigor and commitment, and we are proud to create perfumes that meet these criteria.

Does the scent change on my skin?

The notes in each FiiLiT fragrance react differently on each skin type, creating subtle or sometimes obvious variations that reflect your individuality. When you wear one of our perfumes, you experience a personalized and inimitable olfactory experience. You will never find two people wearing our perfume who smell the same, because FiiLiT makes each person exceptional and inimitable.

How to refill the perfume bottle easily?

If you want to fill the 11mL or 50mL travel bottle with a 200mL refill, follow these steps:

1. Unscrew the pump from the 50mL or 11mL refillable bottle, counterclockwise (towards the left).

2. Screw the “funnel” tip of the refill onto the bottle to be refilled clockwise.

3. Once screwed tightly, the bottle fills itself thanks to the air intake. If it doesn't fill immediately, shake the refill lightly to help the scent go down. Wait until the bottle is full. When there are no more bubbles in the refill, filling is complete.

4. Unscrew the refill from the tip, holding it firmly.

5. Screw the pump back onto your bottle. All you have to do is perfume yourself.

Point of attention: When handling the refill, be careful not to unscrew the “funnel” tip of its 200mL bottle.
Store your refill away from light and heat, in order to maintain the quality of your perfume.

Advice & Guarantee

Important note

Please note that we are a niche perfumery that places great importance on the quality and originality of our creations. We believe that fragrances are personal and unique expressions that can evoke intense and captivating emotions. However, this uniqueness can also mean that our fragrances do not suit all tastes. We therefore recommend that you test our products before purchasing, in order to discover the scents that best suit your personality and your unique olfactory preferences. To obtain samples, simply click here.

Buyer protection

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. For this reason, we offer a hassle-free returns policy that allows you to return any item unused and in its original condition and packaging, labels included, free of charge within 14 days of the delivery date. Learn more

Product details

All eau de parfum are mixed and natural with a formulation that respects your body and the environment.
Refillable bottles : 50 ml / 11ml with wooden travel case / 11ml naked
The wooden travel case comes with its perfume in 11mL format.
Non-refillable bottle : 50 ml Limited Edition / 100 ml Limited Edition
Country of manufacture : France
VEGAN fragrance : Yes
Good hold on the skin : Yes
Clean wording : Yes
Concentration : Eau de parfum
Unused ingredients : Phthalate, Paraben, Endocrine disruptor
Age Range : Adult
Gender : Unisex (For Men and Women)
Packaging : Reusable or recyclable glass bottle, non-recyclable vaporizer/spray pump, wooden cover, compostable packaging with also biodegradable ink. The ash wood comes from France, Spain and Belgium and is PEFC certified, which guarantees sustainable forest management. The 11 mL bottle of eau de parfum is always included in the wooden travel case.