Clean formulation

All our fragances were created by thinking of the future generations as well as in our present environment. FiiLiT, parfum du voyage is a house of love of the nature; the brand obtained the mention Slow Cosmetic which values a responsible ethical cosmetic, a clean formulation and vegan.

The brand FiiLiT use from 87% to 100% of natural raw materials without phtalates, parabens and petrochemical derivatives.

The brand is not certicated "organic": indeed consumers judge often organic perfumes disappointing for the lack staying. To assure this quality of long staying on the skin, we preserve a fraction of raw materials of synthetics origin from 5 to 13 %. The raw materials of synthetic origin which we use are present molecules in the nature. We use molecules clean for environement and for body.

Most of the essential oil used in our fragrances are from BeHave, Stéphane Piquart's company. After considerable bibliographical research on ancestral uses by local populations, Stéphane Piquart sources producers of exceptional and environmentally-friendly natural materials. To ensure the continuity of his actions, Stéphane initiates partnerships with local NGOs such as Coeur de Forêt, Man & Nature, IRDNC, Homme et Environnement..

Besides, we use some ORGANIC alcohol resulting from wheat as well as from also biological essential oil as soon as the mode of extraction allows it.

In conclusion, everything is a question of balance in natural quality material, so as to remain good for ourself and the environment. There are toxic materials for the man and the environment in the raw materials natural as the synthetic materials. According to the studies, FiiLiT excludes any harmful material to give the best.

We wish to create an olfactive aura, a message, a personality, a pleasure, an imprint and ethical and responsible values.

Clean formulation

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